Friday, January 7, 2011

Herbs, Vitamins and Prayer

Over the next few days and weeks, I would come to learn that apparently there were a couple dozen cures to cancer. How modern medicine had missed so many of them… I just couldn’t tell. As people heard about my medical situation, I got lots of advice. The lady who cut my hair, literally poked at the scar and said, ‘what’s that?’ After giving her a couple of outs in regards as to what had occurred, I explained it to her. Her reaction was “Oh… I don’t trust doctors…if it was me… I’d try herbs, or vitamins, or prayer. Maybe even all 3.” A waiter at a restaurant I went to very excitedly told me what it would take to cure me. “Read this book and follow it’s advice” as he wrote down the book’s name on a napkin.

This was not unusual and I quickly recognized that like the gift cards, it was a way of saying I care and meaning to be helpful. I had a friend from Mexico who knew a healing lady who could get me some pills but didn’t know what they were called or what was in them but guaranteed they could heal me. Friends recommended lots of books, (the one that has’t been written amd I'm tempted to write is ‘Brain Tumors for Dummies’), brought me articles from magazines like Wired and academic journals demonstrating the latest research. I had two friends who thought that certain types of massages were going to cure me. Phyllis, who is an alternative healer for a living, gave me a very precise plan of what she was going to do and told me that I would be cured in 10 months. People told me they were praying for me, several prayed with me. Other friends connected me with some medical organizations that used lasers, vaccines, more pinpointed radiation. There were several diet suggestions of Oni Juice, having broccoli for breakfast everyday, diets that affected angiogenesis, taking this spice from India, drinking that juice, that smoothie addittive. People brought me into their moon circles, had put me in a prayer sheet that was burned for purgative purposes. They were sending me positive vibes, a couple even put food sacrifices in front of statues (Catholic and Hindu) for me. I was invited to go see a healer in China, another in Phoenix, a 3rd in Brazil.

I was and am always a skeptic of taking life too lightly or too seriously. I try to hold onto that axiom of the apostle Paul: prove all things, hold fast that which is good. I, in fact, researched each and every suggestion and contacted some of the providers of the variety of products. Research into some of the others suggested they were little more than psychosomatic. Others I disregarded due to the fact my financial issues were going to be complicated enough without taking trips to see international healers with no research data. Others I disregarded because they might be worth than death (ie eating broccoli for breakfast everyday). There were a few I incorporated almost immediately after some research but to my credit/discredit there were absolutely none that I instantly dismissed. Most Ideas, like most people, generally have something that has attractive features. It may not be in the end something substantial but it may be worth looking into. I didn’t take them all in, and while I've had some conversations with a doctor yesterday, today, the day that I’m writing this, I have had herbs…and vitamins…and prayer.

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