Thursday, November 29, 2012

Public Record

I grew up in a house where there always 15-20 people and poor. There’s the psychodiagnosis you can give me for having always been public. I thought poor was normal since I never really had to see kids with me more and there’s the psycho diagnosis for me not being materialistic but perhaps you can also weigh in on why I’m working so hard and making sure  my daughter is not.

Today I received a call from Kiana’s mother’s  attorney saying that she’s filing a motion to compel me to hand her my medical records. It’s set for December 12th, 2012 at 1000 Guadalupe Street if you want to watch. For the kid born on 8/8/80, it’s a bit amusing to have it be on 12/12/12. If you’ve read this blog, it’s had sad moments, happy moments, angry moments, scared moments but it hasn’t had dishonest moments. There’s even in here the confession of an affair six years ago before my daughter was born, in the entry how the light gets in if you’re a jerry springer type fan. It’s not the sin that kills you, it’s the cover up. I have no problem with the entirety of my medical records being public record If you read this, you know how much I had in emergency savings, why I’m not touching a 21,000 retirement account even though I don’t expect to make 40 because it would provide a monthly stipend for my daughter until she dies if/when I do. The reason I don’t hand it over to her is because my neuropathologist is Pete Berger from John Hopkins, my neurosurgeon is Dr. Allan Friedman who did Ted Keneddy’s surgery and my two neuro oncogologists are from MD Anderson and Duke. They are by all accounts one of if not the best in their fields and Ms. Leon’s attorney doesn’t have the courtesy to give me the name of her expert and if there’s anything I’ve learned from the medical field, that like any fields, there are a huge range of opinions even among the brightest, perhaps most among the brightest. This doctor has thought maybe my memory issues could be helped by this, others by that. I think part of the reason these brilliant doctors took my case was because of the Livestrong connection but I also think part of it was because it’s an incredibly unusual case. So do I think Ms. Leon’s attorney could find some less than qualified expert to try to make the argument that the fact I am more at risk for seizures than most human beings because of cancer, a hole and scar tissues, yes I do. Can I afford my doctors to come to court and testify? No, I can’t.

I have tried to be reasonable. I have offered Kiana’s mother long before any of this the chance to sit with my medical records with me there and then hand them back. She passed that opportunity up and said it doesn’t matter if I look at them, I’m not a doctor. I have offered her attorney the opportunity to do so with the doctor of her choice and if there’s something there that they don’t like to then seek the order. They passed that up. I have offered a letter from both of my neuro oncologists once a year stating that I’m stable if I am and that I would let them know within a few days if I ever had to be hospitalized as long as that in exchange for those things they would never use my medical condition as a reason for seeking custody. They passed that up. I will make these invitations again in a public forum court and take my chances in court that a judge can see that I would have some hesitation over handing this to someone who had an affair with the guy who was offering his parents house for a place to stay. That circumstance makes it hard to rebuild trust. But I will repeat all those offers in front a of a judge and trust the judicial system.

Her boyfriend is suing me for his broken mirror after the city of Austin dismissed his trying to get an assault charge for me removing him off my property. Any documents referred to here that are public documents, you let me know whoever you are reading this and I’ll email them to you. Any medical records, you come to my  house, I’ll make you lunch and let you read them. In fact I intend to take a summary of them to court and if they are ordered to hand them over and ask for a psychological from her mother since I’ll be handing 3 of mine, 2 before the divorce and 1 after.

Mothers usually get custody in custody fights. People usually die of this cancer. Let’s just say that on this day while I’m angry and sad and confused, cancer and it’s side effects picked the wrong guy to have a fight with. Let’s make that public record.

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