Thursday, March 29, 2012

Getting Old

Douglas MacArthur said that aging wrinkles the body but that quitting ages the soul. So while I made plenty of fun of both my grandfather and great grandfather about theirs, I hope I get to earn some of my own wrinkles. And while getting older is something that no one except kids gets excited about, there are worse things than getting old. Not every race is won, not every battle against diseases is won, not every relationship works, each attempt a little girl takes at riding a bicycle doesn’t end well but it was good to see that Kiana followed the Japanese saying that if you fall down seven times, you get up eight. With that said, speaking of Bike Rides, we’re a long way from starting the campaign or setting up all the details but if you want to get in the grassroots of the biking event in Davis or join my team: I'll have on my helmet in honor of my aunt and the survivor sticker.

That “getting old” idea keeps popping up. A friend recently once asked if exercising for events like a marathon or a 100 mile ride doesn’t get old. Another was sitting there complaining that we’d be in our 40’s and old in no time and it was good to get her smile when I responded that I’d be grateful to get to 40. Another wondered out loud and then apologized for asking if all these medical appointments get old (9 medical claims this month, turns out sitting in an ambulance has a bill even if you don’t go with them). My cousin who lives with me and watches me tweak the Boston playlist (yeah I’ve spent a lot of time on it) and asks if it doesn’t get old to put more time into a playlist than I will listening to it (latest addition which Kiana has learned to sing along to is Will Smith’s Just the Two of Us). And the best old connection of all, after Kiana mastered riding a bike last night and we talked about all the different things that go along with it and how I was going to have to learn some new things like using clip in medal about riding a bicycle, she asked how old I was and when I told her 31, she said she would make sure to learn all the same things by the time she was 25 before she was SO old! (On a related note, this is the part where those of you seeing the picture reprimand me for the fact she’s not wearing a helmet). And Kiana who has been a little too excited about the Lorax movie helped me accepted that I might have to finally accept that I’m getting old(er?) when we planted a second tree at her request, a mulberry one, to think that I saw it on Mulberry Street. Somewhere in my mind I wonder why there’s not a Dr. Seuss theme park.

The second round of blood work resulted in that this new Keppra is at a more appropriate level and we have a follow up a few days after Boston where we’ll do some more tests and yeah, I intend to ask how hard I can keep pushing the body because someone from Livestrong suggested I may have a title to defend at next year’s Marathon. My knee results came in and while it seems to be worn on some cartilage and I have to wear some tape but its nowhere near bone on bone so while it’s not perfect, things are never so bad they can’t be worse. Either way, apparently the switch to biking for a while will help. Kiana starts with Wonders and Worries on Monday and I both wonder and worry how it will go. Her mother refuses to do counseling with me about how to better coparent or setting up a plan in place if things ever go south medically until and unless this blog goes away. We’re going to start the cognitive rehab and the biking training after Boston. And to answer the questions, of course sometimes this gets old. I am the guy who only watches movies once, read books ones, visits places once but I’ll take getting old because getting old beats the alternative.

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