Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Responsibility of the Cured

There are times when we’re discouraged, when the kicks of life have got you down. I am at that place but it’s okay. I went to the running group I was coaching at 4 AM yesterday, woken up perhaps from the fact that I hadnt’ been exercising due to a pulled hamstring, perhaps from the unrest of the last few months. Then I remembered what my friend Joe Lackey said and while he said it far more gracefully and politely, it’s good to be reminded not to be a whiner. I have some deficits but I didn’t lose nearly as much as so many… and I’m alive despite having a brain tumor. My wife left unexpectedly… but, as he said, despite being a man, I have primary custody of the most wonderful child the world will ever know. And yesterday, I remembered that I have the responsibility of the cured. I went to my running group and planned to run 10 miles but ended up with the hamstring hurting but still ran all the way to the top of the workout and cut it a little short but I am going to do some exercise again today. By coincidence I had 6 social functions ever (the most I’ve ever had in one day), 2 breakfast ordeals, 2 going away parties, a house warming party, and a birthday party. I was awake for 22 hours straight. Someone immediately noticed I wasn’t wearing the bracelet so between two of the functions I came home and put it back on.

Then I talked to people at a running event about the Brain Power 5k and the Austin Runner’s Club will be putting it in its newsletter this week as will Austin Fit. A couple of people joined my team and others are talking about doing it. And I hope several more people will donate. If you go through life with what my life has been and have no emotional issues with the toll, I am impressed. I haven’t but there’s a parable Jesus tells, my favorite one of his, about two sons who are told to go do some work and the first one says yes but doesn’t do it and the first one says no but does do it. The one who does it, as it should be is the better son.

Confusing medical news, not being able to find a job, my daughter being gone on a trip to Oregon with my mother, not being able to exercise can make for a tough week where you miss the forest for the trees but I need to always be the son who does the work. I have no idea what the hell will happen with Lance Armstrong’s case, nor do I care. But his doctor when he beat it reminded him that he has the responsibility of the cured, to try to make things happen for those who didn’t’ survive. My memory may still not be back up to presurgery level but I can’t forget that. 

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